Xbox - December 2019: Twinkletoes1209

"Always around to help out. Great raid instructor and came in willing to teach all no matter if new to raiding or not."

"Twinkle is an outstanding member of the clan and is frequently/constantly helping members through a variety of activities, most including Raids."

"Twinkletoes1209 has been amazing in the clan from helping out in GoS runs and being kind when helping others."

"He has been crucial in getting GOS training runs up and running and is always sacrificing his time to help others. He shows strong leadership and is capable of a lot."

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Xbox - January 2020: TeeTeeXD

"TeeTee has been astounding to the clan lately, he is always ready to help others when ready, no matter the experience" "Very helpful and always helps when they have the time."

Xbox - 2019: ll LYNX IX

For Bullethead of the Year 2019, we are recognizing someone who has helped out the clan tremendously. LYNX's recruiting efforts have single-handedly kept our clan alive and fresh with new members. Ple

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